Virtue Quest for iOS

Elevate Your Life, One Virtue at a Time

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards a more virtuous and purpose-driven life? Welcome to Virtue Quest, where we believe that self-improvement is a lifelong adventure, and every small step counts. Inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s timeless wisdom, we offer you a unique opportunity to track your performance on all 13 Virtues that have the power to shape your character and guide your daily choices.

The Power of Virtues

In a world where distractions and temptations abound, Virtue Quest brings clarity and intention to your personal growth journey. Benjamin Franklin, one of history’s greatest minds, believed in the power of virtues as a roadmap to a better life. Each week, we shine a spotlight on a different virtue, allowing you to focus your attention and energy on one aspect of your character at a time.

How It Works

  • Track Your Progress: Virtue Quest provides you with a simple and intuitive way to monitor your daily performance. Whether it’s temperance, humility, or any of the other 11 virtues, you can easily record your adherence to each virtue and observe your progress over time.
  • Weekly Focus: Every week, we present you with a new virtue to concentrate on. You’ll receive in-depth information and guidance on how to incorporate this virtue into your daily life, from actionable tips to inspiring quotes and anecdotes.
  • Instruction Archive: Review past instructions and guidances at any time.
  • More than just a habit tracker: While most habit trackers let you just track your past performance, the focus of Virtue Quest is your future You. We help you build and solidify powerful virtues that improve your life.
  • Privacy First: The Virtues App works entirely offline and requires no setup of a user account. All data is stored locally on your device.

Experience the Transformation

Virtue Quest is not just a habit tracker; it’s a tool for personal growth and self-reflection. It’s a chance to become the best version of yourself, one virtue at a time. By consistently focusing on each virtue and making it a part of your life, you’ll discover a profound transformation in your character, mindset, and daily choices.

Prepare to Start Your Virtues Journey

Are you ready to embrace the power of virtues and make a meaningful change in your life? Download Virtue Quest now for free!

Developer: MARTIN BOHM
Price: Free+

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