About Me

Hello there! I’m Martin, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to my corner of the internet. I’m a passionate computer scientist with a keen interest in theoretical computer science and machine learning. Furthermore, I’m also a gamer and very playful person overall.

The Virtues App

Currently, I’m on an exciting adventure of developing the Virtues app for iOS using SwiftUI. This app is a tribute to Benjamin Franklin’s inspiring concept of virtues – a way to cultivate positive habits and lead a life of purpose. With the Virtues app, I aim to provide a digital space where individuals can track their personal growth journey, striving to become the best versions of themselves. It’s not just an app, but a tool for transformation and self-improvement.

The Virtues App is not the first app I’ve written – but I’m a master procrastinator and perfectionist so countless apps and games of mine never saw the light of the day. I love designing and programming, but just getting the word out and selling stuff aren’t my natural strengths. If I could share my work for free, I would!


This is a hand-written optical character recognition tool that classifies over 3000 hand-written Japanese kanji and hiragana characters. Written in Python, I trained a convolutional neural network with over 600000 kanji and hiragana images for this task, achieving over 96% accuracy on the test set after only 40 training epochs.

My Passions

I’m a massive enthusiast for personal growth. I believe that continuous self-improvement is the key to unlocking our true potential. Whether it’s through books, podcasts, or simply engaging in insightful conversations, I’m always eager to learn and grow.

In my downtime, you’ll often find me immersed in the world of gaming, where I find solace in digital adventures and the camaraderie of like-minded gamers. When I want to reconnect with nature and unwind, I lace up my hiking boots and venture into the great outdoors. The serene beauty of the natural world is a constant source of inspiration. And just for fun, I’m also always learning at least one further foreign language.

Let’s Connect

This website is not just about me; it’s a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and the exciting projects I’m working on. If you share my interests or are curious about the Virtues app or anything else I have worked on, feel free to reach out. Also check out my Github if you want to learn more about some of my projects. Let’s connect, collaborate, and embark on a journey of personal growth and exploration together.

Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to sharing this incredible journey with you!

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